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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List


If you need your Pana unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.

Why to send us your work?
  • 40 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering on Pana units.
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most Pana units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Pana units
  • Low Prices

To have your Pana unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110
Make Part Number Model Number Image
Panasonic CF-VCD351 CDRom Drive Mo361-
Panasonic-TNPA3215AB Panasonic_TNPA3215AB.JPG
Panasonic MFA040LD2NSA AC Servo MoTNPA3215ABn/a
Panasonic MD480L640PG3 Plasma DisADKF50B5CR-
Panasonic AG-6024 Time Lapse VCRDAF05BAAK-
Panasonic MSM082A1A MotorAMKB200820LAK-
Panalarm-91M-B0200-010 Panalarm_91M-B0200-010.JPG
Panalarm-91M-B0200-010 Panalarm_91M-B0200-010.JPG
Panasonic-TX-1425FHD Panasonic_TX-1425FHD.JPG
Panasonic M1G4A2V1XE Panansonic 40TX-1425FHDn/a
Panasonic-ADKF50B5AA Panasonic_ADKF50B5AA.JPG
Panasonic MD400F640U2 Plasma DispADKF50B5AAn/a
Panasonic-ADKF50B5AA Panasonic_ADKF50B5AA.JPG
Panasonic M9MC90G4GU 3ph 4P MotorADKF50B5AAn/a
Panasonic-TX-1425FHD Panasonic_TX-1425FHD.JPG
Panasonic TX-1201FH VDU Chassie moTX-1425FHDn/a
Panasonic-ADKF50B5AA Panasonic_ADKF50B5AA.JPG
Panasonic MD400F640PD1A Plasma DiADKF50B5AAn/a
Panasonic MSM082A1A MotorADKF50BAA-
Panasonic-W-L00214A Panasonic_W-L00214A.JPG
Panasonic CF-VCD351 CDRom Drive MoW-L00214An/a
Panasonic-TNPA1300 Panasonic_TNPA1300.JPG
Panasonic GDLA08010LR3 0.75KW 3 PhTNPA1300n/a
Panametrics-5222 Panametrics_5222.JPG
Panametrics 5222 Ultrasonic Control5222n/a
Panasonic-ADKF50B5AA Panasonic_ADKF50B5AA.JPG
Panasonic MD400F640PD1A Plasma DiADKF50B5AAn/a
PanasonicAC servo driveMHDA103A1A Panasonic_MHDA103A1A_ACservodrive.JPG
Panasonic GDLA08010LR3 0.75KW 3 PhMHDA103A1An/a
Panametrics-5222 Panametrics_5222.JPG
Panametrics 5222 Ultrasonic Control5222n/a
Panasonic-YC-505UB3 Panasonic_YC-505UB3.JPG
Panasonic BR-CCF2TH 6Volt Battery YC-505UB3n/a
Panasonic-ADKF50B5AA Panasonic_ADKF50B5AA.JPG
Panasonic CF 41 Laptop Personal CoADKF50B5AAn/a
Panasonic-DV47SO75LB2 Panasonic_DV47SO75LB2.JPG
Panasonic CF-27 Toughbook RuggedisDV47SO75LB2n/a
Panasonic-TX-1425FHD Panasonic_TX-1425FHD.JPG
Panasonic AG-6024 Time Lapse VCRTX-1425FHDn/a
Panalarm-080-0016-3-01-8 Panalarm_080-0016-3-01-8.JPG
Panasonic-6TP-1D775 Panasonic_6TP-1D775.JPG
Panasonic GDLA08010LR3 0.75KW 3 Ph6TP-1D775n/a
Panasonic-DV47SO75LB2 Panasonic_DV47SO75LB2.JPG
Panasonic MSM022A3UE AC Servo MotDV47SO75LB2n/a
Panasonic M8MA25G4GU1 3PH 4P 25W cDV46S040LA2-
Panametrics 5222 Ultrasonic ControlMIS1-211-100000-00-
Panasonic-370MYB22N Panasonic_370MYB22N.JPG
Panasonic MSD043A1XXV AC Servo Dr370MYB22Nn/a
Panasonic-370MYB22N Panasonic_370MYB22N.JPG
Panasonic AG-6124B Time Lapse Vid370MYB22Nn/a
To have your Industrial unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110

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To send in your Pana unit for repair use the shipping address below.
If possible be sure to use the following Repair Service Order Form when sending in a unit for repair.
We offer special discounts to the military. We give free estimates and offer a full year warranty.

Industrial Electronic Repair
266 Northstar Dr. Suite 136
Rural Hall, NC 27045

    If you have any technical questions or wish to offer technical information about any Pana units then fill out the form below.

    No Soliciting...

    Your name:
    Phone Number:
    not required
    Valid Email Address Required:
    Your Location:

    You can contact us at 1-(336)-969-0110
    We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm EST
    and yes the technicians & engineers work on Saturday!

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