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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List

If you need your unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.

To send in your unit for repair
use the shipping address below.

Industrial Electronic Repair <- new location
8065 North Point Blvd Suite A
Winston-Salem NC 27106

Industrial Electronic Recycling <- old location
268 Northstar Dr. Suite 138
Rural Hall, NC 27045

Phone: (336) 896-1900
Cell: (336) 969-0110

We service every manufacturer listed below and more!

CC Chauvin ArnouxC PlathC & A Products
C & A TransducersC & CC & C PackingsC & D Auto Reg
C & D BatteriesC & D PowerC & D Power SystemsC & D Systems
C & D TECHNOLOGIES INCC & D TechC & D TechnologiesC & D Technologies Inc
C & G IndustrialC & G Industrial SupplyC & G SystemsC & K
C & K ComponentsC & K SystemsC & L InstrumentsC & M
C & SC A ControlsC A NorgrenC A E M Co
C A NorgrenC A T IncC A TransducersC Age
C Ap ElC B FerrariC BehrensC C Acurite
C C ErhardtC C EurothermC C GeC C I
C C LeisterC C M Of MinnesotaC C NordsonC C Sharp
C C TC C T UC C Weston ControlsC Can Power Systems
C Chauvin ArnauxC Chauvin ArnouxC Chuvin ArnouxC Cor
C Cube MicrosystemsC D IC D MC E A I
C E Air DayC E BC E CanadaC E G
C E InvalcoC E MC E M EC E Power Systems
C E TylerC E WaltherC Emery NelsonC F E I
C G EC G RC GoldammerC H
C H SymingtonC H T FC I C A MC I M
C ItchC Itoh ElectricC Lee CookC M Z
C MacC Mac Energy & SystemsC Matic S R LC Matic Systems
C N IC O E LC O M PC On Electronics
C P BourgC P ApC P BourgC P S
C PlathC R O EngineeringC S EC S Electronics
C S RC ScopeC Sys LabsC Tec
C TekC TempC Ton IndustriesC&D
C&EC&KC&MC&a Products
C&c MfgC&c PowerC&d Power Electronics DivC&d Powercom Div
C&d BatteriesC&d TechnologiesC&k Systems IncC&k Unimax
C&m TechnologyC&pdC-CorC-E Canada
C-E InvalcoC-E Power SystemsC-E TylerC-R-O Engineering
C. Chauvin ArnouxC.A. ControlsC.Ap.El.C.B. Ferrari
C.C.I.C.C.M. Of MinnesotaC.C.T.C.D.I.
C.E.M.C.F.E.I.C.G.R.C.H. Symington
CMZCN1CNCCNC Gauge Systems
Ca Analytical InstrumentsCa ControlsCa NorgrenCa Products
Ca&g ElettronicaCaarborundumCabCabco
CabelCabel ElectronicCabel ElectronicsCabel Monitors
CabinplantCableCable Design TechnologiesCable Pits And Sumps
Cable Spinning EquipCable To GoCablec ContinentalCableform
CablesCables To GoCables UnlimitedCabletest
CabletronCablewaveCablewave SystemsCablofil
CabotCabot SafetyCabot Safety IntermediateCabur
Cabur ?? ???? ???Cabus Cable ClampCacCaccia
Cacr SrcaCacr-SrcaCactusCad Store
Cadet ThermostatsCadexCadillacCadillac Meters
Cadillac MtrsCadtest IncCadweldCadwell
Cae Industries LtdCae NewnesCaen TechnologiesCaere
Caffrey EngineeringCafitesseCafra Mfg IncCaframo
CahnCaig LaboratoriesCaipoCaira
CajonCal CoilCal ControlsCal Controls Temperature Controllers
Cal Crystal Labs IncCal DataCal GavinCal Spas
CalavarCalcoCalco MFG. Co.Calco Manufacturing
Calco MfgCalco MotorsCalcompCalculated Industries
CalderaCaldonCaleb TechnologyCalemard
CalexCalex ManufacturingCalex Manufacturing Co IncCalex Mfg Co
Calgary PowerCalgon CarbonCalgon ChemicalCalgon Corporation
Calibration SystemsCalibratorsCalibreCalibre Electronics
Calibron InstrumentsCalibron SystemsCalif ElectronicCalifone
CaliforniaCalifornia AnalyticalCalifornia Analytical InstrumentCalifornia Dc
California EconomizerCalifornia EdisonCalifornia ElectCalifornia Elect.
California ElectricCalifornia InstrumentsCalifornia Micro DevicesCalifronia Dc
Caliper TechnologiesCallan TechnologyCallananCalmark Corp
CalmationCalmos Systems IncCalogic CorpCaloritech
CalstatCaltechCalterm ElectronicsCaltherm
Caltron IndustriesCaltronicsCamCam Graphics
Cam LogicCam MetricCam TechCam Tech Ind
Cambria SystemsCambridgeCambridge AccusenseCambridge Applied
Cambridge Applied SystemsCambridge FilterCambridge InstrumentsCambridge Products
Cambridge ScientificCambridge TechnologyCambridge Thermonic CorpCambridge Wire Belting
CambridgesoftCamcoCamcorCamden Wire Co
Camel PrecisionCamel RobotCameoCamera
CameronCameron & BarkleyCameron AshleyCameron Waldron
Camille BauerCamintonCamintonnCamis
CamlocCamlogic SncCamlokCamozzi
Camozzi PneumaticCampbell & GeorgeCampbell ChainCampbell Grinder
Campbell HausfeldCampbell Hausfeld Air CompCampbell MachinesCampbell Scientific
Campbell SeveyCampden Instruments LtdCampiniCamry
Camsco Electric CoCamsoftCamstatCamtech
CamtronicsCan Do Machinery SalesCan TronCan-Tron
CanadianCanadian General Electric Co LtdCanadian InstrumentCanadian Instrumentation & Research
Canadian Mill SupplyCanadian Photonic LabsCanadian WestinghouseCanal Electronic Co
CanalplastCanarmCanaryCanary Communications
CanastraCanastra AGCanastra AgCanberra
CanbusCandelaCandela Corp.Candex
Candle LiteCandletonCandorCandy Controls
Candy ManufacturingCanfieldCanfield ConnectorCanfield Industries
CanletCannonCannon Amphenol PlugsCannon Industries
Cannon InstrumentCannon LensCannon PlugCannon Plug Connectors
Cannon SwitchesCannon TechnologiesCannon Technologies IncCanoga Perkins
CanonCanon ElectronicsCanon SeikiCanongate Technology
Canopus InstrumentsCanopus SystemsCanopyCanron
Cansec SystemsCansonCantexCantex Inc
CanthermCantoni GroupCantral Station SteamCantron
Capacitor TechnologyCapalCaparo DynamicsCapel
Capital AdvancedCapital Advanced TechnologiesCapital ComputerCapital Controls
Capital ElectroCapital ElectrohydaCapital Equipment CorpCapitol
CaplugsCapmaticCapozzoCapozzo Cappelen Laboratory
CappCapp UsaCappelen Laboratory TechnicsCapri Trac
Capricorn ElectronicCapricorn ElectronicsCaprock Developments IncCapstan
Captain IndustryCaptec North AmericaCaptive Fastener CorpCaptron
Captron ElectronicCar CareCaratronCarbi Tech
Carbide ProbeCarbolineCarboliteCarboloy
Carbon FerrazCarbon Products Operation IncCarbon WebbCarbone
Carbone FerrazCarbone LorraineCarbonstarCarborundum
CarbotechCarcoCardCard Technology
Card Technology CoCardacCardboard MachineCardinal
Cardinal ComponentsCardinal ControlsCardinal DetectoCardinal Health
Cardinal ScaleCardinal ScalesCardinal SystemsCardinal Technoliges
CardioCardiodata CoCardkey SystemsCardon Corp
Cardon InstrumentsCardorundumCardoxCardscan
CargoCargo CaireCargoscanCarhartt
CaritronicsCarl BaaselCarl BockwoldtCarl Creative Systems Inc
Carl E Holmes CoCarl E Holmes CoCarl E. Holmes Co.Carl Rehfuss
Carl SchenckCarl ZeissCarleCarlen
Carlen ControlsCarley LampsCarlin BurnerCarling
Carling SwitchCarling TechnologiesCarlingswitchCarlisle
Carlisle CompressorCarlisle Plastics IncCarlo GavazziCarlock Inc
CarlonCarlon IndianheadCarlsbad Magnetics IncCarlson
CarltexCarlyle CompressorCarmaCarman Industries
Carnaud MetalboxCarnesCarneyCarol Cable
Carol Super VultronCarol WireCarolina GlovesCarolina Paper Corp
CaronCaron EngineeringCarotronCarpanelli Motors
CarptronCarr LaneCarr Lane ManufacturingCarrago
Carraro SrlCarreir TransicoldCarrel PrecisionCarrel&carrel Ltd
Carriage CardCarrierCarrier AccessCarrier Parts Inc
Carrier TechnicCarrier TransicoldCarrier United TechCarriere
CarrollCarroll ControlsCarroll TechCarroll Touch
Carroll Touch TechCarrrierCarsion IncCarson Mfg
Carte Gestion ClavierCartelCarterCarter & Crawley
Carter ControlsCarter DayCarter Day CompanyCarter Manufacturing
Carter MotorCarter Semiconductor IncCarter Transistor CorpCarter-Day Company
Carters SirenCartesCartesianCartessa
Carton Valley MicroscopeCarverCarver PressCary
CasCasablanca Fan CoCascadeCase
Case DatatelCase IhCase RixonCaseih
CaselCasella CelCash AcmeCashco
Cashco ValvesCashinCashlnCashun
CasiCasi RuscoCasi RusscoCasi-Rusco
CassoliCastell InterlocksCastell SafetyCastell Safety International
CastelleCaster ConceptsCastleCastle Instrument
Castle SystemsCastletCastolinCastrol Motor Oil
Cat 325Cat BlowerCat IncCat Pumps
Cat TW MCatalinaCatalina GamesCatalyst
Catalyst SemiconductorCatalyst Semiconductor IncCatamountCatamount Corporation
Catch AllCatching EngCatching EngineerCatching Engineer Catco
Catching EngineeringCatcoCatelCatel Communications
CatepCatep InternationalCaterpillarCaterpiller
Cathodic ProtectionCatracCattronCattron Cavazzuti
CavazzutiCavenaghi & RidolfiCavitronCavotec
CavroCawCaymanCb Sciences
CbiCbm ElectronicsCbrCbs Electronics
Cbs ScientificCbw AutomationCc ContravesCc Day
Cc IncCc NordsonCc PartlowCc Woodman
CccCcc Network SystemsCciCcl Label
Ccm Of MinnesotaCcotCcp RivaltaCcs
Ccs IncCcs Packard IncCcsiCd Automation
Cd Medical IncCd SystemsCd TechnolgiesCd Technologies
CdaCdi C E InvalcoCdi Torque ProductsCdl
Ce CanadaCe ElectronicsCe InvalcoCe Johansson
Ce Machine & Tool IncCe Power SystemsCe StromagCe Tyler
CeGe TechnologyCea ElettronicaCea InstrumentsCeag
Ceag AgCeag SicherheitstechnikCeaiCear
Cear MontroseCec ControlsCec Conversion Equipment CorpCec Industries
Cec InstrumentsCec VibrationCec Vibration ProductsCeci
CecilCecoCecompCecomp Electronics
Ced Connecteurs ElectriquesCed CorpCedaCedarburg
Cedaspe S P ACedesCedrusCedrus Sauna
Cedrus SaunasCeeCeecoCeep
Cef Safety SystemsCef Safety Systems CegCefcoCefcon
Cefla GroupCefranCeg AutomationCegelec
Cegelec Controls LTD.CehcoCeiCeia
CejnCekonCel InstrumentsCel Tec
Celco ProfilCelemCelercCeleritek
CelerityCelesCelescoCelesco Transducer
Celesco Transducer ProCelesco Transducer ProductsCelesticaCelestica Inc
Celestica InternationalCelestica Power SystemsCelestron EngineeringCeletron Usa
CeletronixCelinfaCeliteCell Automation
Cell ConCell TechCello LiteCello Lite Fuses
CellpackCellpoint ScientificCelmecCelotex
CelsaCelsa MessgeraeteCelsa Messgeraete Cel TecCeltek
Celtek ElectronicsCelwaveCemCem Corp
Cem DijonCemaCemarligneCemb
Cemb MandelloCemb SpaCemcoCeme
CementexCemi BolognaCempCen 100
Cen ElectronicCen ElectronicsCencoCenith Control
CentaCenta TransmissionsCentacCentalp
Centaur Japan ServoCentauris SystemsCentaurus Systems IncCentech
CentennialCentennial SpindleCententCenter
Center ElectricCenterexCenterlabCenterline
Centilift HughesCentourCentralCentral Camera
Central ConveyorCentral DataCentral Data CorpCentral Electric
Central Florida Wash SystemsCentral HydraulicsCentral KagakuCentral Lab
Central MaloneyCentral ManufacturingCentral MnCentral Mn Refrigeration
Central MoloneyCentral PCentral PanelCentral Quality
Central Quality IndustriesCentral SemiconductorCentral Semiconductor CorpCentral Sprinkler
Central TechnologiesCentral ToolCentral ToolsCentral Vac
CentralabCentralpCentralp AutomatismesCentrilift Hughes
CentroidCentroionCentronicCentronic Inc
Centronic LtdCentronicsCentrycoCenturion
Centurion InstrumentCenturyCentury ContainerCentury Electric
Century Electric MotorsCentury FenceCentury FoxCentury Instrument
Century LightingCentury MfgCentury MicroelectronicsCentury Motor
Century SpringCentury SwitchgearCepexCer
Cera Mat IiCera ShearCera-Mat IICeramaseal
Ceramaseal Ceramtec NaCeramcoCeramtec NorthCeramtec North America Electronic Applications
CerberusCerberus PyrotrCerberus PyrotronicCerberus Pyrotronics
CermetekCermetek Microelectronics IncCermexCeronix
CeroviewCertainteedCertified LabCertified Power
CerusCerus IndustrialCerutiCeruti Italy
CeruttiCervitrol Computer SystemsCescoCeset
CessiCessnaCetCet Control Systems
Cet TechnologyCetec VegaCetepakCetetherm
CetronicCevat KulaberCeweCewe Instrument
CfcCfciCfeiCfr Cfw
Cfw Stefa MaintalCgaCgee AlsthomCgee Alsthom Services Scp
Cgee AlstonCgi CgkCgrCgs Thermodynamics
CgtmCh ControlsCh EllisCh Hanson
Ch ProductsCha IndustriesChadwickChadwick Hellmuth
Chadwick HelmuthChadwick-HelmuthChalfantChallage
ChallengeChallenge IndustriesChallenge Machinery CompanyChallenger
Chalmit LightingChamberlainChamberlain & HookChamberlaine
ChambonChampChamp ProductsChampion Back Supports
Champion CharterChampion For Spare PartsChampion HoistChampion Kogyo
Champion Pneumatic MachineryChampion Road MachineryChampion Spark PlugsChampion Technologies
Champion Technologies IncChanceChandaChandler
Chandler SystemsChang Shuan ElectronicsChannel LockChannel Lock Tools
Channel MasterChannel ProductsChannel Well TechnologyChaoyang Power Supply
ChapinChapion Weed SprayerChapmanChar Lynn
Charger 75BC45 NJCharging SystemsCharlesCharles Baynes
Charles F Warrick CoCharles IndustriesCharleswaterCharlynn
CharmilleCharmillesCharmilles 290pCharmilles Robofil
Charmilles TechCharmilles TechnologiesChartChart Drive
Chart Paper GenericChart PoolCharter QueenChartpak
ChaseChase DurusChase IndustriesChase Research
ChaserChassis PlansChathamChatillion
ChatillonChatillon CenturionChatsworth ProductsChatsworth Products Inc
Chattanooga GroupChauffeChaun Lin FaChaur Shin Electric
Chauvin ArmouxChauvin ArnouxChdCheck All Valve
Check All Valve ManufacturingCheck All ValvesCheck It ElectCheck It Electronics
ChecklineChelicChelleson ScientificChelleson Scientific Instruments
ChelseaChem AireChem InstrumentsChem Tech
Chem TradeChem TrolChemapChemap Ag
ChematChemco EquipmentChemcutChemcut Corporation
ChemelesChemelexChememlex Auto Trace CableChememlex Auto Trace Cable Chemence
ChemenceChemetricsChemetronChemetron Fire System
Chemetron Fire SystemsChemetronicsChemfreeChemfree Corp
ChemgardChemglassChemical ElectrophysicsChemical Research Supplies
Chemline Plastic LimitedChempumpChemscanChemsearch
ChemspecChemsultantsChemsultants InternationalChemtech
Cherne IndustriesCherokeeCherokee Europe LlcCherokee Int
Cherokee InternationalCherokee International Inc.Cherokee IntlCherokee Tagging
CherryCherry BurellCherry BurrellCherry Electric
Cherry Electrical ProductsCherry Semiconductor CorpCherry SwitchCherry United Ind
ChevyCheyenneChiba PrecisionChiba Precision Co
Chicaco Tube & IronChicagoChicago BlowerChicago Case
Chicago CylinderChicago Dial IndicatorChicago DryerChicago Electric
Chicago FaucetChicago FaucetsChicago HardwareChicago Hardwarey
Chicago Hdwr & FixtChicago HeaterChicago Laser SysChicago Laser Sys.
Chicago Laser SystemsChicago LatrobeChicago LockChicago Miniature
Chicago Miniature Lamp IncChicago PneumaticChicago Pneumatic ToolChicago Pneumatics
Chicago PnuematicChicago RawhideChicago SafetyChicago Safety Products Co
Chicago SpecialtyChicago StainlessChicago Tube & IronChick Master
ChickmasterChico TecChiconyChief Automotive
Chief Equipment CorpChief Manufacturing Inc.Chihua Fitness COChilders Products
ChillerChiltonChimexChin Yuan Precise
ChinaChina Compex ElectricChina Compex Electric CorporationChina Display Technology
China ElectronicsChina Semiconductor CorporationChinanusa ComChinet
ChinfaChinoChino WorksChiorino
Chip SupplyChipblasterChipcomChipmaster
Chips & Technologies IncChiquitaChironChiron Diagnostics
ChitaChitai ElectronicChiu TechnicalChiyoda
Chiyoda EngineeringChiyoda SeikiChiyoda TushoChiyota
ChlorideChloride BatteryChloride ElectricChloride Electro
Chloride Emergency LightingChloride IncChloride Inc.Chloride Power Protection
Chloride PyrotectorChloride SystemsChlorine SystemsCho On Pa Kogyo
Cho YangChoice ComputersCholrideChore Time
Chore TronicsChore-TimeChoretimeChoretronics
Chr MayrChredChrisChrislin Industries Inc
ChristChristelChristensenChristensen Display Products
Christensen DisplaysChristian MaierChristieChristie Digital
Christie ElectricChristie Electric CorpChristie Power SupplyChrokee
Chroma AteChroma Systems SolutionsChromalineChromalock
ChromaloxChromaticsChromatography Reserch SuppliesChromolox
ChronTrolChronobeltChronomixChronos Richardson
ChrontrolChrontrol CorpChrontrol Corp.Chrysler
Chrysler CorpChsymingtonChuan HsinChubb
Chubu AlmettoChubu DenkiChubu GomChubu Netsuren
Chubu SeikiChubu Sukegawa KogyoChuck ControlChugai
Chugai Ro CoChugoku CableChugoku DensenChukyo Kaisei Kogyo
ChularChung I MachineChunghwaChuo Electric
Chuo ElectronicsChuo MusenChuo SeikiChuo Seisakusho
Chuo TsushoChuomusenChuomusen Co LtdChurchill
Ci Control SystemsCi I OCi StandardCiar Spa
Ciar spaCibaCiba CorningCiba Geigy
Ciba Geigy AralditCiba Geigy ChemicalsCic PhotonicsCicinnati
CidmCieco IncCii TechnologiesCiitech
CikachiCilippardCim CoCimaf
CimtekCimtrolCin MilacronCin Tran
CincanattiCincanatti MilacronCincanatti MilaeronCinch
Cincinati MilicronCincinattiCincinatti MilacronCincinatti-Milacron
Cincinnat MilacronCincinnatiCincinnati AcramaticCincinnati Corp
Cincinnati DynacompCincinnati Electronics Ir ProductsCincinnati Electrosys IncCincinnati Electrosyst
Cincinnati ElectrosystemsCincinnati FanCincinnati IncCincinnati Inc.
Cincinnati IncorpCincinnati IncorporatedCincinnati Industrial AutomationCincinnati Lamb
Cincinnati MilaCincinnati MilacroCincinnati MilacronCincinnati Milacron ESD
Cincinnati MilancronCincinnati MilaronCincinnati MilcronCincinnati Millicron
Cincinnati PcbCincinnati Retread SystemCincinnati TestCincinnati Test Sys
Cincinnati Test SystemsCincinnati TimeCincinnatti LaserCincinnatti Milicron
Cincon ElectronicsCinicinatti ArrowCinn MilcronCinncinati
Cinncinati MilicronCinncinati Milicron 10vcCinncinati Milicron 5vcCinncinnati Milacron
Cintas CorpCintexCintrol InstrumentationCiodue
Ciodue S P ACipherCipher Data ProductCipher Data Products
Cipher LabCiphergenCipsaCir
Circa TelcomCirce BiomedicalCircle F EnterpCircle Prime
Circle Seal ProductsCircle Seal ValveCircle TechnologyCircom
CirconCircuit AssemblyCircuit BoardCircuit Brd
Circuit LogicCircuit Technology IncCircuit TestCircuit Werkes
Circuit WorksCirrusCirrus LogicCirrus Logic Inc
CirtekCis AmreinCiscoCisco Systems
CisselCissellCitadelCitadel Computer
Citadel Computer CorpCitation SwitchgearCitectCitel
CitizenCitizen Chiba PrecisionCitizen Electronics Co LtdCitizens Chiba
Cito ProductsCito Products IncCitrixCitron
City TechnologyCivaconCiviemmeCj Anderson & Co
Cj ControlsCj InstrumentsCk Computer SolutionsCk Lektro
Ck ToolsCkd CorpCkd CorporationCkd Pneumatic
Cke IncCke IncCl BensenCl Finishing
Cla ValClae Electronic Temperature SwitchClaifornia PowerClairex
Clairex ElectronicsClairex TechnologiesClamcoClampco
ClamponClansman DynamicsClantechClare
Clare Chemical ResearchClare CpClare Reed SwitchClarion
ClarityClarkClark ControlClark Controller
Clark Controller Clark DoorClark DoorClark EquipmentClark Fork Lift
Clark RelianceClark Reliance CorpClark Seals LtdClark Sprinkler Supply
Clark-RelianceClarkeClarke & LewisClarke Chapman
Clarke ComputerClarke HessClarke Hess CorpClarke Lewis
Clarke S Sheet MetalClarke-ChapmanClarke-HessClarkson Valve
ClarostatClarostat SenisysClarteClary
Clary CorpClary CorporationClass 1Classic Motor Bikes
Claude LyonsClaude YonsClausingClauss
ClavisClay AdamsClay Power CompanyClayhill
Clayton ElesaClayton IndustriesClayton Mfg CoClayton Mfg Co
Clayton Mfg. Co.CleClean Room ProductsClear Com
ClearpointClearrCleavelandpriceCleaver Brooks
ClecoClepcoClerici AutomationClerici Automazione
ClescoClevelandCleveland City ForgeCleveland Controls
Cleveland DieselCleveland ElectricCleveland GearCleveland Kidder
Cleveland MachineCleveland Machine ControlCleveland Machine ControlsCleveland Motion
Cleveland Motion ControlCleveland Motion ControlsCleveland Motion Controls & SensorsCleveland Range
Cleveland ToolsCleveland Twist DrillCleveland VibratorCleveland-Kidder
Clever BrooksClfClicCliche
Click BondCliffClifford Snell AlaClifford&snell
CliftonClifton PrecisionCliftronicsClimate Master
Climate TelClimatemasterClimatic ControlClimatronics
Climatronics MeterilClimaxClimax Metal Products CoClimax Portable Machine Tools
Climax Portable Machine Tools IncClimetClinchCline Buckner
ClinkClintechClintonClinton Electronics
Clinton Electronics CorpClinton Electronics Corp.Clinton Electronics CorporationClinton Industries
Clinton InstClinton InstrumentClinton InstrumentsClinton Power
Clinton Taiwan Corp.Clip ElektronicClippardClippard Value
Clipper LacingClipper MachineClipper MachinesClipper Machines Inc
ClipperbeltClipsalClmClock Bundy
Clock SportingCloneCloos RoboticsClorius
CloroxClosed Cicuit Tv SystemsClosure SysClover
Clover Electronics UsaClovisClowClrt Elettronica
Club CarClyde BergemannClyde IronClyde Materials Handling
Cm ElectronicsCm HoistCm SmillieCmb Engineering
Cmc BearingsCmc BurnyCmc CeveniniCmc Cleveland Motion
Cmc Cleverland Machine ControlsCmc IncCmc RandtronicsCmc Sencon Inc
Cmg EngineeringCmg ImportCmg Import & ExportCmg Import Export
Cmg MotorCmh ElectronicsCmiCmk
Cml Innovative TechnologiesCml TechnologyCmr AutronicCmr Controls
CmsCms GilbrethCnc BoardCnc Gauging
Cnc Systems IncCndctCnetCnet Technology
CniCni InformaticaCni LadaCo Ax Cable
Co Ax Valves IncCoactive NetworksCoast Engineering LabCoastal Climate Coastal Environmental Systems
Coastline Micro ComputerCoatCoatings Resource CorporationCoatinvest
CoatsCoats Wheel BalancerCoax MuellerCoba
Cobas MiraCobden ChadwickCober ElectronicsCobex
CobraCobra ProductsCoburn OpticalCoby
CochleaCockerCoco ResearchCoco Research Inc
CocoresearchCode 3 IncCode ChampCode Electrical Classes Inc
CodechampCodechamp S ACoded Abrasive ProductCoded Abrasive Product Codenoll
CodenCodenollCodi Semiconductor IncCodinor
CodixCoe ManufacturingCoe MfgCoe Mfg.
Coe Newnes McgeheeCoelCoelindCoeling
CoenCoen CompanyCoencoCofan
CoffingCoffing HoistCognexCognitive
Cognitive SolutionsCoherentCoherent Coherent Comm Systems
Coherent CommunicationsCoherent GeneralCohuCoil
Coil Hose PneumaticsCoil TechnologyCoil TechologyCoilcraft Inc
Coilhose PneumaticsCoilsCoiltronicsCoin
Coin Operated MachinesCoincoCojuCokin Inc
Colbern SystemsColbyColderColder Products
ColdwattCole ElectricCole HerseeCole Palmer Instrument Co
Cole PapersCole ParmerCole Parmer InstrumentCole-Parmer
ColeflexColemanColeman CableColeman Instruments
ColeparmerColerColexColfax Pump
ColibrysColightColin Mear EngineeringCollamat
CollaudaleCollaudatoCollectrolCollectrol Timers
ColletteCollinear ResearchCollinsCollins Electronics Corp
Collins RadioCollisCollmer ElectricCollmer Semiconductor
Collmer Semiconductor IncColman SystemsColmekColmen
ColomboColombo FilippettiColonialColonial Engineering
Colonial Lift Truck CompanyColonial Research ChemicalColonial Wire & CableColor Cells
Color DryColor GraphColor KineticsColor Span
Colorado MemoryColorado Memory SystemsColorado TimeColorflow
ColorgraphicColorgraphic Communication CorporationColorgraphic Communications CorpColorgraphic Communications Corporation
ColorsetColortran EnvironmentalColortronicColpitt Bv
ColsonColtColt IndustriesColtec
Coltec QuincyColter ControlsColter ProductsColton
ColtronColtron Columbia ElectricColumbiaColumbia Contech
Columbia ElectricColumbia Electronic CableColumbia LightingColumbia Machine
Columbia ResearchColumbia Research LaboratoriesColumbia Research LabsColumbia Weather Systems
Columbus ElectricColumbus InstrumentsColumbus Jack CompanyColumbus Mckinnon
Com 10Com 10 PtyCom IncCom Soc
Comaintel IncComairComair RotronComar Electric
ComarkComark CorpComatComatec
ComatrolComauComau PicoCombake
CombihammerCombinaCombivertCombo Tronics
Combustion EngCombustion Eng.Combustion EngineeringComco
Comco MachineryComdelComdialComeco
Comeco LtdComeltaComelzComem
ComepiComeprotoComerComes Electro
CometComet AntennasCometaCometex
Comex ElectronicsComfort AirComing DataComis
ComitronicComix International CoComlinearComlinear Corp
Comm CardComm ModuleComm ScopeComm Systemsiates
Command Alkin IncCommand CommunicationsCommand SystemsCommand Tooling Systems
Commande MoteursCommanderCommander 400Commandfleet
CommandiCommaxCommerce CorporationCommercial
Commercial & Ind DesignCommercial HydraulicsCommercial InstrumentsCommerial Sheari
CommitalCommodoreCommodore Semiconductor GroupCommon Sensing
Commonwealth IndCommonwealth SpragueCommscopeCommstar
Commtech IncCommtestCommtest InstrumentsCommunication Instruments
Communication MachCommunication Machinery CorpCommunicationsCommunications Instruments
Communications TechCommunitron CorpCommunityComo Drill
Como IndustrialComp AirComp Air CoComp Surprasonic
Comp U PlusCompacCompactCompact Air Prod
Compact ControlsCompact LabellingCompactaCompagnia Italiana Westinghouse
Compagnia Semiconductori Italia SpaCompagnie Des Dispositifs SemiconductCompagnie MessianCompagnie Messian Durand
CompairCompair ClimaxCompair IncCompam
CompamaticCompanyCompaqCompaq Computer
Compaq Cpx 1CompareCompassCompass Engineering Group
CompcontrolCompensated Devices IncCompensating CableCompeq
Competer ProdCompexComplettComponent Engineering
Component SpecialtiesComponents IncCompool IncComposite Modules
Compower CorporationComprehensiveCompress Air & EquipCompressed Air Concepts Llc
Compressed Air ServiceCompresso Air PartsCompressor ControlsCompressor Engineering
ComptrolComptrollComptronicCompu Aire
Compu CadCompu FlowCompu MateCompu Technic
Compu TrolCompu WeighCompu-TrolCompuadd
Compulan CenterCompulinkCompumachCompumotor
Compumotor SpauldingCompurCompur Monitors SensorCompuspeak
ComputarComputar LensComputational SystemComputec
ComputechnicComputekComputer & Control SolutionsComputer & Electronic Safety Solutions
Computer Add OnsComputer AutomationComputer Avionics CorpComputer Balancer
Computer Boards IncComputer Boards Inc.Computer BrainComputer Cable
Computer Comm IncComputer Comm IncComputer ComponentsComputer Control
Computer ConversionComputer Conversion CorpComputer ConversionsComputer Conversions Corp
Computer CorpComputer DesignsComputer DynamicsComputer Express
Computer EyesComputer IdenticsComputer InstrumentsComputer Logic Corp
Computer Management & Development ServceComputer MotorComputer NumericComputer Optical
Computer Optical ProductsComputer Parts PlusComputer PowerComputer Power Group
Computer Power GrpComputer Power SourceComputer Power SystemsComputer Process
Computer Process ControlsComputer ProductsComputer Recognition SystemsComputer Repair Center
Computer SignamationComputer SonicsComputer StromversorgungComputer Svc
Computer TechnologyComputer Technology LinkComputer TrakComputer Weld
Computer Weld TechnologyComputer WiseComputerized CuComputerized Cutter
Computerized CuttersComputerized Security SystemsComputerized Security Systems Inc.Computerized Surcity Systems
ComputizeComputrolComputronComputron Display Systems
CompuweighCompvvcComsen Caravan BollardsComset Semiconductors Sprl
Comsip DelphiComstarComtecComtec Systems
ComtechComtech IncComtrolComtrol Corp
ComtronicComtronicsComusComverge Tech
Con E CoCon-E-CoConairConair - Franklin
Conair FranklinConameterConameter Corp.Conar
ConardConatex Mess Und RegeltechnikConavionicsConax
Conax BuffaloConax Buffalo TechnologiesConbracoConbraco Industries
Concept EngineeringConcept Keyboard CoConcept ProductsConco
Conco TellusConcoaConcordConcord Comm Devices
Concord CommunicationsConcord LightingConcordiaConcordia Fluidtechnik
Concrete Cable CoversConcrete PitsConcumCondair
CondecCondec Encoder AmplifierConderConditioning Semiconductor Devices Corp
Condo Electric Industrial SupplyCondorCondor ???? ???? ??Condor Dc Power Supplies
Condor Power SuppliesCondor Pressure SwitchCondor WerkeConductive Technologies
Conductix WampflerConducto LubeConduit Pipe ProductsCondulet
CondurConduxCone Blanchard MachCone Blanchard Mach.
Cone Blanchard MachineCone DriveConecConel
ConeryConestogaConexelConext Products
ConlogConlog SystemsConlux LightingConn Trols
Conn Trols IncConn Trols IncConn-Trols IncConn-Trols Inc.
Connect Tech IncConnect Tech Inc.ConnectelConnectpro
ConnexConnexionsConnley And KleppenConnomac Corp
Connor Winfield CorpConocoConoflowConqueror Cable
ConracConracoConradConrad Co
Conrad ElectronicConrenConsenseConsilium
ConsolidatedConsolidated BearingConsolidated ControlConsolidated Controls
Consolidated CtrlsConsolidated ElectConsolidated Elect.Consolidated Electric
Consolidated InternationalConsolidated MicroConsolidated Micro.Consolidated Mill
Consolidated Pneumatic ToolConsolidated Polymer TechnologiesConsolidated ProductsConsolidated Safety Valve
Consolidatedlaundry MachConspecConstant PowerConstructeurs Associes
Consumer EngineeringConsumer Microcircuits LtdConta ClipContact
Contact ElectronicsContact ProductsContact SystemsContaq
Contaq TechnologiesContecContec MicroelectronicsContec Microelectronics Europe B V
Contec Microelectronics UsaContechContech CorporationContechno
Contel IpcContelecContempContemp Control Systems
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ContexConti ElektroContinatalContinental
Continental Air ToolContinental AzContinental CanContinental Can Co
Continental ControlsContinental Controls IncContinental Conveyor & EquipmentContinental Device India Ltd
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Continental Electric EquipmentContinental Electric MotorsContinental Electrical ProdContinental Hydr
Continental Hydr.Continental HydraulicsContinental HydroContinental Ind
Continental IndustriesContinental InstrContinental Instr.Continental Instruments
Continental Lab ProductsContinental MachineContinental ManufacturingContinental Manufacturing Company
Continental Precision InstrumentsContinental PumpContinental Safety EquipmentContinental Systems Inc
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Contitech HoldingContiwebContiwebbContolotron
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Control MicrosystemsControl ModuleControl ModulesControl O Mation
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Control Power SysControl Power Sys.Control ProcessControl Products
Control Products IncControl ResourcesControl SciencesControl Sciences Inc
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Control TechnologyControl Technology CorpControl Technology Corp.Control Technology Corporation
Control Technology IncControl TeqhniquesControl TransducersControl Transformer
Control UnivControl UniversalControl VisionControl Wave
Control WeighControl-O-MationControlair IncControlair Inc.
Controle AnalytiqueControle AutomationControlled AutomationControlled Hydraulics
Controlled PowerControlled SystemsControlled Tech Inc CtiController
Controller CardControllixControllor Systems CorpContrology Technology Inc
ControlotronControls IncControls And Data SystemsControls Ce Ag
Controls CompanyControls Corp LumenControls Corpoation Of AmericaControls Corporation Of America
Controls ElectronicControls GroupControls IncControls West
Controlsoft IncControltronControlwareControlweigh
ContromaticsControna1ljticsContronauticsContronautics Inc
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Convergent TechnologiesConversion ConcptsConversion DevicesConversion Equipment
Conversion Equipment CorpConvertConvert Converter ConceptsConverteam
ConvertecConvertec Power ElectronicsConvertechConverter Concepts
Converter Concepts IncConverter Power IncConverters Inc For Spare PartsConvertitori
Convertor ConceptsConvertronConvertronicConvertronic Gmbh
Conveyor ComponentsConveyor DynamicsConveyors IncConviron
ConvumConwell CorpConxallConzerv
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CookeCookson DoorCool AirCool Amp
Cool ItaliaCool MasterCoolairCooper
Cooper BearingsCooper BessemerCooper BlineCooper Bussmann
Cooper ControlsCooper Gardner DenverCooper Hand ToolsCooper Industries
Cooper Industries IncCooper InstrumentsCooper Instruments & SystemsCooper Interconnect
Cooper Laser SonicsCooper LightingCooper PowerCooper Power Systems
Cooper StandardCooper ToolCooper ToolsCooper Turbo
Cooper Usd ProdCooper Wiring DevicesCooperative Power Pure ProductsCooperheat
CoorsCoors BrewingCoors Components IncCoorstek
CopalCopal ElectricCopal ElectronicsCopar
Copar CorpCopelameticCopelandCopely Controls
Coperion HoldingCopes VulcanCopes-VulcanCopley
Copley ControlsCopley Controls CorpCopley Controls Corp.Copperfield
Coppus Jectair VentuCopralarmCopylineCopypro Inc
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Core TechnologyCoreciCoreci AutomationCoreco
Coreco IncCoreco Inc.CoretronicCorex Manufacturing
Corex TechnologiesCorianCorkenCorkin
CorleyCorley Mfg CoCorley Mfg Co.Corman
Corman TechnologiesCornelioCorneliusCornell Carr
Cornell DubilierCornell IndustriesCornell PumpCornell Pump Cornerstone
CornerstoneCornerstone SensorsCornes & Company LtdCorniani
CorningCorning GilbertCorodeCorolab
Corollary IncCoronaCorona Eff GenCoronet
CoronisCorotecCorporate Computer SolutionsCorporate Express
Corporate PromotionsCorriganCorrosion MaterialsCorrsys
Corrsys Datron Sensorsysteme Corrsys DatronCorrsys Datron Sensorsysteme Corrsys Datronfor Spare PartsCorrsys KorrelatorsystemeCorstat
Corsys Datron SensorsystemsCortecCortechCortech Systems
CortelcoCosaCosa InstrumentCoscom
CoselCosel UsaCosenseCosense Inc
Cosmic Industry CompanyCosmic SoftwareCosmicarCosmicar Pentax
Cosmo BioCosmo InstrumentsCosmo Oil LubricantsCosmo Sekiyu
Cosmo Solutions TechnologyCosmosCossonCostar
Costar CamerasCostner IndustriesCostner Industries Costruzioni MeccanicheCostruzioni
CostruziopsfiCotasCotoCoto Technology
Coto WabashCotronCotsCotson Fabricating
Cott ManufacturingCotta TransmissionCottrellCougar
Cougar ComponentsCougar LightingCougar Power SupplyCoulter
Coulter Welding SuppCoultonCountantCountant Electronics
CourionCourtial GmbhCourtney CompanyCourtney Electronics
CoutantCoutant LambdaCoutant Lambda NemicCoutant Lambda Qualidyne
Coutant LtdCoutant-LambdaCovagCovalent
Cowanalexander LlcCox & WrightCox & Wright LtdCox Instrument
Cox ReelsCox TechnologiesCoxreels IncCoyne & Delany Co
CoyoteCozzoliCozzoli Machine CompanyCozzou
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Cp Electric Dyna TorkCp EnvironmentalCp ServoCp Technologies
Cp Technology IncCpa ElettronicaCpa FormsCpap
CpiCpi Chatsworth Products IncCpi PlasticsCpi Products
Cpl Electronics IncCpoacCpsCps Computer Power Supply
Cps LtdCps ProductsCpuCpu Inc
Cpu BoardCpu IncCpucavrCr Box
Cr ElastomereCr IndustriesCr MagneticsCr Oil Bath Seals
Cr SealsCr ServicesCraCra Ek Company
Cra TekCra Tek CompanyCra-TekCrabtree Vickers
CraftecCraftliteCraftsmanCraig & Dericott
Craig & DerricottCraig&derricottCramedaCramer
Cramer CompanyCramer ControlsCramer DivisionCrane
Crane Deming PumpCrane DorrayCrane Eldec CorpCrane Resistoflex
Crane TechnologiesCrane ValveCranemartCranfeild
CrawfordCrawford FittingCrayCrc Chemical
Crc ChemicalsCrc Evans Automatic WeldingCreare InnovationsCreatech
CreativeCreative ControlCreative Control SysCreative Electronic Systems
Creative LabsCreative MicrosystemsCreative TechnologyCredence
Credit LyonnaisCree Research IncCreedence TechnologiesCreibucs
CremerCrenloCreonicsCreonics Inc
Creonics Inc.Creonics Max 4CrepacoCrepaco Crescent
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CressCressall ResistorsCressall Resistors Crest Environmental ProductsCrest
Crest AudioCrest ElectronicsCrest Environmental ProductsCrest Good
Crest UltfrasonicsCrest UltrasonicsCreston ElectronicsCrestron
Crestron ElectronicsCrewsCriCrimson Semiconductor Inc
Crisis ComputerCrispCrispinCrispin Multiplex
CrisplantCritchleyCriterionCriterion Instruments
Criterion Machine WorksCritikonCritikon IncCritikon Inc
CrittendenCrl ComponentsCrmaCro Engineering
CromptonCrompton ControlsCrompton EternacellCrompton Instrument
Crompton InstrumentsCrompton ModutecCronatronCronatron Welding
Crop Systems InternationalCrosbyCrosby Group IncCrosby Laughlin
Crosby ManufacturingCrosby Valve & GageCrosf1eld ElectronicCrosfield Elec Ltd
Crosfield ElectronicCrosland FilterCrosrolCross
Cross Brake ControlCross ElectricCross ElectronicsCross Huller
Cross IncCross&morseCrossbow TechnologyCrossfield
Crossfield ElectronicsCrouse HindsCrouse Hinds Div CooperCrouse-Hinds
CrouzetCrouzet AutomatismesCrouzet CorpCrouzet Crouzet Pneumatic
Crow River-BraunCrowcon Detection InstrumentsCrowcon InstCrowcon Instruments
Crowe RopeCrowleyCrownCrown Alloys Co
Crown Bolt IncCrown EngineeringCrown GearCrown Graphic
Crown Industries IncCrown InternationalCrown MatsCrown Technologies
CrsCrs RoboticsCruachemCrucial Tech
Cruising Equipment CoCrumaxCrusaderCrusader 2
Crusader IICrusader IiCrusaders 2Cry O Vac
CrydomCrydom CoCrydom MagneticsCrydom Magnetics Cryo Mech Equip
Cryo Mech EquipCryomagneticsCryomedCryosafe
CryospecCryovacCrystalCrystal Engineering
Crystal Engineering CorpCrystal GroupCrystal Semiconductor CorpCrystal Technology
Crystal TipsCrystal VisionsCrystaloid Electronics CoCrystalonics
Crystolon BrickCs LilinCsaCsb Battery
Csc Scientific CompanyCsc Scientific InstrumentsCsd GmbhCsem Optoelectronics
CshCsiCsi Atlantic TeleCsi Keyboards
Csi Keyboards IncCsl IncCsl LightingCsr Contbaves
Csr ContravesCsr Industries IncCsr PowertonCsr Powertron
Ct Drives IncCt MatadorCt PlatonCt Systems
Ct Systems IncCtbrCtcCtc Corporation
Ctc ParkerCtc Parker AutomationCtd LtdCte Chem Tec Equip
Cte Chem Tec EquipmentCte Chem Tec Equipment C TekCti CorpCti Corporation
Cti CryogenicsCti Electric CorpCti ElectronicsCti Electronics Corp
Cti-CryogenicsCtl ElectronicCtm Integration IncCtncom Inc
Ctrl Systems IncCtsCts CorpCts Fabri Tek Inc
Cts MicroelectronicsCts Of CanadaCts Wireless ComponentsCtx
CuarmillesCubeairCubexCubic Western Data
CubitCuda CorporationCuda Fiberoptics Fiber OpticCuda Industrial
CueprintCueprint LtdCuesCues Inc
Cues Inc.CugarCuiCui Inc
Cui StackCuirCuir CcmCuir Sa
CulliganCullyCulter HammerCumberland
Cummings & WagnerCumminsCummins DieselCummins Elvgine
Cummins EngineCummins PowerCumulasCuna Supply
Cunningham MfgCunoCuoghi RolandoCupe
CurbellCurioniCurl LeisterCurlee Mfg
Curly CordCurran EngineeringCurrent ConceptsCurrent Control
Current Logic GroupCurrent TechnologyCurry Controls CoCurtain Aire
Curtin MathCurtin Matheson ScieCurtisCurtis Albright
Curtis Computer ProductsCurtis DCCurtis Door SystemsCurtis Electromusic Specialties Inc
Curtis IndustriesCurtis InstCurtis InstrumentsCurtis Instruments Inc
Curtis JLGCurtis MachineCurtis PMCCurtis PMS
Curtis PmcCurtis SepEx PMCCurtis ToledoCurtis Universal Joint
Curtiss WrightCurtiss Wright CorpCurtiss Wright Flow ControlCurtiss Wright Flow Control Curtiss Wright
Curtus PmcCushcraftCushmanCushman Incfor Spare Parts
CustCustodis EcodyneCustomCustom Accessories
Custom Actuator ProductsCustom BiltCustom Biogenic SystemsCustom Coil
Custom Component SwiCustom Component SwitchesCustom Components IncCustom Computer Services
Custom ConnectorCustom ControlCustom Control SensorsCustom Controls
Custom CraftingCustom CylindersCustom Electronic AbCustom Electronics Systems Inc
Custom EngineeringCustom ItCustom MadeCustom Magnetics Inc
Custom Micro Systems IncCustom MotorsCustom PowerCustom Power Systems
Custom ScientificCustom SensorsCustom Sensors & TechnologiesCustom Servo
Custom Servo MotorsCustom Servo Motors IncCustom Servo Motors IncCustom Servo Motors Inc.
Custom Servo MtrCustom SwitchCustom TechnolgyCustom Technology
Custom Video DisplayCustom-BiltCustomsystem LaboratoriesCutco
CutesCutlassCutlass Cutler HammerCutlass Fastener
Cutlass FastnerCutler HammerCutler Hammer ProductsCutler Hammer Sensors
Cutler-HammerCutlere HammerCutlr HammerCutters
Cutters Elec Int LCutters Elec InternationalCutters ElectronicsCutting Edge
Cutting Edge SoftwareCutting ElgeCutting PlotterCva
Cva HawkenCvc ProductsCvc Products IncCvds
Cvn SystemsCvosCw IndustriesCw Thomson
CwtCxrCyalume Light SticksCybElec
CybelecCybelec Cyberex CyberexactCybelec S.A.Cybelec SA
CybellecCyber AcousticsCyber HomeCyber Power
Cyber ResearchCyber SystemsCyberchronCyberdyn Systems
CybernetCybernet ManufacturingCyberneticCybernetic Micro Systems
CyberopticsCyberoptics SemiconductorCyberpakCyberpower
CyberresearchCybertechCybertech IncCybertech Inc
CybertouchCyberwareCybexCybex 400 T
Cybex TrotterCybosoftCybotechCycl Flex
CycladesCycledynamicsCycledynamics IncCycledynamics Inc.
Cycledynlmics IncCyclnaireCycloCyclomatic
Cygnet ControlsCyklopCylco GearCylinder Division
Cylinder GrinderCylinders & Valves IncCylixCymbolic Sciences
Cynergy3CynexCynmar CorpCyntec
CyplexCypress Computer SysCypress SemiCypress Semiconductor Corp
Cypress SolutionsCypriumCyrixCyrix Corp
CytomationCz ElectronicaCz LabsCzaki Thermo
Czaki Thermo A & Dcabel

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