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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List


If you need your CR unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We offer fair estimates and offer a year warranty.

Why to send us your work?
  • 40 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering on CR units.
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most CR units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fair Estimates on all CR units
  • Low Prices

To have your CR unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110
Make Part Number Model Number Image
Cincinnati Milacron507500BPSR452 Cincinnati_Milacron_PSR452_507500B.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-711-2699G Acromatic 85PSR452n/a
Cruising Equipment Co900020Alpha-
Cruising Equipment Co-Alpha-
Cincinnati Milacron3 542 1187ADimp 3-
Cincinnati Milacron PCB-FSC-565-97 Coltar PrDimp 3-
Cincinnati Milacron-GMC3-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0006 AC Spindle MGMC3-
Cincinnati Milacron3 542 1343AOSP2-
Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850 Acramatic OSP2-
Cincinnati Milacron3-424-2105AAcramatic 850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2130A01 CincinnatiAcramatic 850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron-3-542-1269A-
Cincinnati Milacron PCB-FSC-565-97 Coltar Pr3-542-1269A-
Cincinnati Milacron-BDS4 Cincinnati_Milacron_BDS4.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2011A Camac OperaBDS4n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-PSR4/5 Cincinnati_Milacron_PSR45.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-542-1223A Cincinnati KPSR4/5n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-850SX Cincinnati_Milacron_850SX.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0211 14.6 Amp Mot850SXn/a
Cramer Division-117-
Cramer Division-117-
Cincinnati Milacron-2031 EN016-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-542-1223A Cincinnati K2031 EN016-
Cincinnati Milacron-275/2604A-010-
Cincinnati Milacron 9450-SX 9450 Protocol Co275/2604A-010-
Cincinnati Milacron-3-542-1269A-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-542-1223A Cincinnati K3-542-1269A-
Cincinnati Milacron3-424-2105AAcramatic 850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-425-0118A Acraread TaAcramatic 850SX-
Creonics Inc.-128K/CXNC/LF-
Creonics Inc.-128K/CXNC/LF-
Crow River Ind.-04203CS=7D18-
Crow River Ind.-04203CS=7D18-
Cincinnati Acramatic3-424-2194-A2100 Cincinnati_Acramatic_2100_3-424-2194-A.JPG
Cincinnati Acramatic-2100n/a
Cincinnati Milacron3-700-0185A3-700-0185A Cincinnati_Milacron_3-700-0185A_3-700-0185A.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0006 A C Spindle m3-700-0185An/a
Craftsman-351.21717 Craftsman_351.21717.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron-BDS4 Cincinnati_Milacron_BDS4.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 850 Acramatic BDS4n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-BDS4 Cincinnati_Milacron_BDS4.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2153A A2100 CNC PeBDS4n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-275/2604A-010 Cincinnati_Milacron_2752604A-010.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron A2100 A2100 CNC Pendant275/2604A-010n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-PSR4/5-275-7500 Cincinnati_Milacron_PSR45-275-7500.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2326A A2100 CNC PePSR4/5-275-7500n/a
Cincinatti-Milacron-3-424-2036-A Cincinatti-Milacron_3-424-2036-A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-424-2011A Cincanatti_Milacron_3-424-2011A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-424-2011An/a
Crow River-Braun-04203CS-7D18 Crow_River-Braun_04203CS-7D18.JPG
Crow River-Braun-04203CS-7D18n/a
Cincinatti-Milacron-Acramatic 950-
Cincinatti-Milacron-Acramatic 950-
Cincanatti Milacron-34242168A02 Cincanatti_Milacron_34242168A02.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-34242168A02n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-850SX Cincinnati_Milacron_850SX.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-711-2699G Acromatic 85850SXn/a
Cincinatti-Milacron-35421142A Cincinatti-Milacron_35421142A.JPG
Cincinatti-Milacron-35421142A Cincinatti-Milacron_35421142A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-542-1240A Cincanatti_Milacron_3-542-1240A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-542-1240An/a
Cincanatti Milacron-3-542-1240A Cincanatti_Milacron_3-542-1240A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-542-1240An/a
Cincanatti Milacron-3-531-3986A Cincanatti_Milacron_3-531-3986A.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-3-531-3986An/a
Cincanatti Milacron-1588 Cincanatti_Milacron_1588.JPG
Cincanatti Milacron-1588n/a
Crusader II-A5600000200001 Crusader_II_A5600000200001.JPG
Crusader IIAnilam Electronics CorporA5600000200001n/a
Cacr-Srca-DF8101720-E0 Cacr-Srca_DF8101720-E0.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron-Acramatic 850 Cincinnati_Milacron_Acramatic850.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2226A A2100 CNC PeAcramatic 850n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-3-42A-3979A Cincinnati_Milacron_3-42A-3979A.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 4-702-0046A Acraread Ta3-42A-3979An/a
CreonicsPC*-0064PWMA2-983 Creonics_PWMA2-983_PC-0064.JPG
Creonics-OC-605-1288 Creonics_OC-605-1288.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron ESD-SXCPU2-
Cincinnati Milacron ESD-SXCPU2-
Cincinnati Milacron-CMIBA-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2383A A2100 CNC PeCMIBA-
Cincinnati Milacron3-711-2700GAcramatic 850 SX-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-424-2135 Acromatic 210Acramatic 850 SX-
Cincinnati Milacron-3-42A-3979A Cincinnati_Milacron_3-42A-3979A.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron PCB-FSC-565-97 Coltar Pr3-42A-3979An/a
Cincinnati Milacron-3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron PCB-FSC-565-97 Coltar Pr3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron-Acramatic 850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2194A A2100 CNC PeAcramatic 850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron-3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2325A A2100 CNC Pe3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron-3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0224 22 Amp Motor3-542-1142A-
Cincinnati Milacron-850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0006 A C Spindle m850SX-
Cincinnati Milacron-3 531 3722A-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2130A01 Cincinnati3 531 3722A-
Cincinnati Milacron-3 531 3280A-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0211 14.6 Amp Mot3 531 3280A-
Cincinnati Milacron-3 531 3280A-
Cincinnati Milacron Acramatic 950 Acramatic 3 531 3280A-
Cincinnati Milacron-3 531 3722A-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2325A01 A2100 Pend3 531 3722A-
Cramer Division-117 Cramer_Division_117.JPG
Cramer Division-117n/a
Cincinnati Milacron-Acramatic 850-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2325A01 A2100 PendAcramatic 850-
Cramer-C35933 Cramer_C35933.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron-3-705-0827A-
Cincinnati Milacron 1-424-2135 Acromatic 2103-705-0827A-
Cincinnati Milacron1-230-0800- Cincinnati_Milacron_1-230-0800.JPG
Cincinnati Milacron 1-604-0224 22 Amp Motor-n/a
Cinncinati Milicron6RA4001-1AA01-2647 101 9400.01-N Cinncinati_Milicron_6471019400.01-N_6RA4001-1AA01-2.JPG
Cinncinati Milicron-647 101 9400.01-Nn/a
Crusaders 2-A5600000200001 Crusaders_2_A5600000200001.JPG
Crusaders 2-A5600000200001n/a
Crompton Instruments-239-302A-LSLS-AC-S1-S2-
Crompton Instruments 252-PVU4 252-PVU4 Relay239-302A-LSLS-AC-S1-S2-
Cincinnati Milacron-Acramatic 2100-
Cincinnati Milacron 3-424-2325A01 A2100 PendAcramatic 2100-
Cincinatti-Milacron-Acramatic 850 SX Cincinatti-Milacron_Acramatic850SX.JPG
Cincinatti-Milacron-Acramatic 850 SXn/a
To have your Industrial unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110

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To send in your CR unit for repair use the shipping address below.
If possible be sure to use the following Repair Service Order Form when sending in a unit for repair.
We offer special discounts to the military. We offer fair estimates and offer a fair warranty.

Industrial Electronic Repair
8065 North Point Blvd Suite A
Winston-Salem NC 27106

8075 North Point BLVD STE Q
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 896-1900
Cell: (336) 969-0110

    If you have any technical questions or wish to offer technical information about any CR units then fill out the form below.

    No Soliciting...

    Your name:
    Phone Number:
    not required
    Valid Email Address Required:
    Your Location:

    You can contact us at 1-(336)-969-0110
    We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm EST
    and yes the technicians & engineers work on Saturday!

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