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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List


If you need your Y unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We offer fair estimates and offer a year warranty.

Why to send us your work?
  • 40 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering on Y units.
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most Y units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Fair Estimates on all Y units
  • Low Prices

To have your Y unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110
Make Part Number Model Number Image
Yaskawa CIMR-G5C4045 Varispeed CDMR-MR-11K-
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa YF110 Vortex FlowmeterGA500n/a
Yamabishi Electronic-SF-PW Yamabishi_Electronic_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi Electronic-SF-PWn/a
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa YF110 Vortex FlowmeterGA500n/a
Yokogawa-GA-500 Yokogawa_GA-500.JPG
Yokogawa Chart Recorder Chart RGA-500n/a
Yamabishi SE-PW Yaskawa Spindle DrSF-PW-
Yokogawa-GA 500-
Yokogawa Chart Recorder Chart RGA 500-
Yokogawa Chart Recorder Chart RGA500-
Yaskawa-JAMSC-B2110A V-
Yaskawa SGDA-02VS 2.0 Amp ServoJAMSC-B2110A V-
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA500n/a
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA500n/a
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA500-
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSF-PWn/a
Yaskawa Electric-CACR-SR44SB14FY307 Yaskawa_Electric_CACR-SR44SB14FY307.JPG
Yaskawa Electric-CACR-SR44SB14FY307n/a
Yokogawa-GA500 Plus Yokogawa_GA500Plus.JPG
Yokogawa YF110 Vortex FlowmeterGA500 Plusn/a
Yamabishi-SE-PW Yamabishi_SE-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSE-PWn/a
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa UR1000 UR1000 Chart RecGA500n/a
Yamaha-G19 Yamaha_G19.JPG
YamabishiIP-306ESF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW_IP-306E.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSF-PWn/a
Yushin-YS-280040 Yushin_YS-280040.JPG
YorkMS473 MC1400Universal Linc PSU York_UniversalLincPSU_MS473MC1400.JPG
YorkLogopak Ltd 1993-1344 LoUniversal Linc PSUn/a
Yamabishi Electric Co. LTD-SF-PW Yamabishi_Electric_Co._LTD_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi Electric Co. LTD-SF-PWn/a
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SE-PW Yaskawa Spindle DrSF-PWn/a
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SE-PW Yaskawa Spindle DrSF-PWn/a
Yaskawa-CIMR-MT3-7.5K Yaskawa_CIMR-MT3-7.5K.JPG
Yaskawa CIMR-PSC4045 Varispeed CIMR-MT3-7.5Kn/a
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSF-PWn/a
Yamabishi Electric Co-SF-PW Yamabishi_Electric_Co_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi Electric Co-SF-PWn/a
Yokogawa-GA500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA500n/a
Yamabishi-SE-PW Yamabishi_SE-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSE-PWn/a
Yokogama-GA 500 Yokogama_GA500.JPG
Yokogama-GA 500n/a
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SE-PW Yaskawa Spindle DrSF-PWn/a
Yamabishi-SF-PW Yamabishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi SF-PW Mitsubishi SpindleSF-PWn/a
Yaskawa-CACR-SRCA 30BBSY124-
Yaskawa CACR-SR15BB1BM ServopacCACR-SRCA 30BBSY124-
Yushin-03D0516A Yushin_03D0516A.JPG
Yaskawa-CACR-SRCA 30BBSY124-
Yaskawa DF9200680-C0 Robot CardCACR-SRCA 30BBSY124-
Yokogawa-GA 500 Yokogawa_GA500.JPG
Yokogawa YF110 Vortex FlowmeterGA 500n/a
Yamabishi Electric-SF-PW Yamabishi_Electric_SF-PW.JPG
Yamabishi Electric-SF-PWn/a
Yaskawa-EGDB-10ADG Yaskawa_EGDB-10ADG.JPG
Yaskawa CACR-IR44SFB P00 B01 SeEGDB-10ADGn/a
Yaskawa-CMRG5U27P5 Yaskawa_CMRG5U27P5.JPG
YaskawaSpeecon JNTGBGBB0060AZ-1 CMRG5U27P5n/a
Yokogawa-GA500plus Yokogawa_GA500plus.JPG
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA500plusn/a
Yamaha-JF3-10 Yamaha_JF3-10.JPG
Yaskawa-SGDA-02-AP Yaskawa_SGDA-02-AP.JPG
Yaskawa JGTMEM-03MRA11 MinertiaSGDA-02-APn/a
Yamamishi-SF-PW Yamamishi_SF-PW.JPG
Yuasa International-BT61 Yuasa_International_BT61.JPG
Yuasa International-BT61n/a
Yuasa International-BT61 Yuasa_International_BT61.JPG
Yuasa International-BT61n/a
Yokogawa-GA 500-
Yokogawa Chart RecorderGA 500-
Yaskawa-626 MT II-
Yaskawa CACR-SR 20S Servopack626 MT II-
Yokogawa Chart RecorderUR1800-
Yokogawa-GA500 Plus-
Yokogawa Chart Recorder Chart RGA500 Plus-
Yamabishi SE-PW Yaskawa Spindle DrSF-PW-
Yaskawa-626 MT II-
Yaskawa JGTMEM-03MRA11 Minertia626 MT II-
Yaskawa Electric-SGDG-04GT-
Yaskawa Electric-SGDG-04GT-
Yaskawa Electric-SGMPH-02BAE41D-
Yaskawa Electric-SGMPH-02BAE41D-
Yalnaha-63m-01 Yalnaha_63m-01.JPG
Yaskawa-SGDA-02AS Yaskawa_SGDA-02AS.JPG
Yaskawa-CDBR-4045B Yaskawa_CDBR-4045B.JPG
Yaskawa CIMR-08CS AC DriveCDBR-4045Bn/a
Yaskawa-CIMR-P5M47P5 Yaskawa_CIMR-P5M47P5.JPG
Yaskawa CIMR-MTII-18.5K-B VarispCIMR-P5M47P5n/a
York37103785-001Universal Linc232 UCS York_UniversalLinc232UCS_37103785-001.JPG
YorkLogopak Ltd 1993-1344 LoUniversal Linc232 UCSn/a
To have your Industrial unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110

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To send in your Y unit for repair use the shipping address below.
If possible be sure to use the following Repair Service Order Form when sending in a unit for repair.
We offer special discounts to the military. We offer fair estimates and offer a fair warranty.

Industrial Electronic Repair
8065 North Point Blvd Suite A
Winston-Salem NC 27106

8075 North Point BLVD STE Q
Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Phone: (336) 896-1900
Cell: (336) 969-0110

    If you have any technical questions or wish to offer technical information about any Y units then fill out the form below.

    No Soliciting...

    Your name:
    Phone Number:
    not required
    Valid Email Address Required:
    Your Location:

    You can contact us at 1-(336)-969-0110
    We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm EST
    and yes the technicians & engineers work on Saturday!

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