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Industrial or Commercial Manufactures Repair List


If you need your Mitsubishi unit tested or repaired
then give us a call at 1-336-969-0110.
We give free estimates and offer a year warranty.

Why to send us your work?
  • 40 years of experience repairing Industrial & Commercial units
  • Certified Senior Industrial Electronics Technician
  • Ability to do Reverse Engineering on Mitsubishi units.
  • No job to big or small
  • Fast turn around time on most Mitsubishi units
  • Quality of work comes before profit!
  • Old Fashion "Customer is always right policy"
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free Estimates on all Mitsubishi units
  • Low Prices

To have your Mitsubishi unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110
Make Part Number Model Number Image
Mitsubishi F-20P-E Melsec ProgrammMR-SA1021-
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-37K Vector DrivMR-S0P500-
Mitsubishi FR-A024-S0.4K-EC FreqroMR-S0403S-
Mitsubishi MSS-1400 3Phase Soft StaAum-1391A-
Mitsubishi A1SJ71C24-R2 RS232 ModuFCU6-Dun31-
Mitsubishi FX 48 ER - ES 48 I-O RelMDS-B-CVS-110-
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-185 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-185.JPG
Mitsubishi A1S68AD A-D Converter UMDS-B-CV-185n/a
Mitsubishi-FX2N-64MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi_FX2N-64MR-ESUL.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-5.5K Vector DriFX2N-64MR-ES/ULn/a
Mitsubishi-FX2N-64MR-ES/UL Mitsubishi_FX2N-64MR-ESUL.JPG
Mitsubishi FX2N-80MR PLC BrickFX2N-64MR-ES/ULn/a
Mitsubishi-BV611A084G53 Mitsubishi_BV611A084G53.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-U120S-N0.75K-EC FreqrBV611A084G53n/a
Mitsubishi ElectricKON-128HBD625A887G52 Mitsubishi_Electric_BD625A887G52_KON-128H.JPG
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi 03130D E910 TBD625A887G52n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540-5.5K-EC A500 5.MDS-B-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-FR-SF-2-22K-R Mitsubishi_FR-SF-2-22K-R.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 64 MT - ESS 64 I-O TrFR-SF-2-22K-Rn/a
Mitsubishi-PLK-5-CPU-J Mitsubishi_PLK-5-CPU-J.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 4AD A-D Converter ModPLK-5-CPU-Jn/a
Mitsubishi-MR-SA33T Mitsubishi_MR-SA33T.JPG
Mitsubishi FX2 40 AW Parrel Output MR-SA33Tn/a
Mitsubishi-AUM-1391A Mitsubishi_AUM-1391A.JPG
MitsubishiYamabishi SF-PW Spindle AUM-1391An/a
Mitsubishi DA1082 Remote I-O UnitMC116-
Mitsubishi F2-20P Melsec ProgrammiSF-CA-
Mitsubishi FX2N-32ER FX2N-32MR PLCFX81B-
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-1.5K Vector DriRF202-
Mitsubishi FX 4DA D-A Converter ModMDS-B-SP-110-
Mitsubishi MT-A140E-110K-02E1 110KwMD312464-
Mitsubishi F2-40MR-UA2 F2-40 PLC BMIFC-01-DWC-
Mitsubishi HF245AE Mitsibushi ColouFR-K3-5.5K-C22-
Mitsubishi-DWC 90HA-
Mitsubishi MSS-45 3Phase Soft StartDWC 90HA-
Mitsubishi BE714C925H01 Clutch-MotFR-K3-5.5K-C22-
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - UA3 64 I-O ReFCA325MY-V-
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.-MR-S3-80BB-E01-
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.-MR-S3-80BB-E01-
Mitsubishi FX1N-60MT-DSS FX1N PLC FCA325MY-V-
Mitsubishi MSS-23 3Phase Soft StartMDS-A-V1-20-
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-Z240-4.OK-ER FreqrolMDS-A-SP-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-370 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-370.JPG
Mitsubishi HA-FF43 A C Servo MotorMDS-B-CV-370n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-S520S-0.4K-EC S500 SeMDS-A-SP-260n/a
Mitsubishi-501W000 Mitsubishi_501W000.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A024-S2.2K-EC Freqro501W000n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-375K-EC 3Phase MDS-A-V2-3510n/a
Mitsubishi ElectricKON-128HBD625A887G52 Mitsubishi_Electric_BD625A887G52_KON-128H.JPG
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi 03130D E910 TBD625A887G52n/a
Mitsubishi-BV611A084G53 Mitsubishi_BV611A084G53.JPG
Mitsubishi HA-FF43 A C Servo MotorBV611A084G53n/a
MitsubishiMelservo-SAMR-SA-33T Mitsubishi_MR-SA-33T_Melservo-SA.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-K-1500B Freqrol 8 AmMR-SA-33Tn/a
Mitsubishi-AUM-1391A/SD4533C Mitsubishi_AUM-1391ASD4533C.JPG
Mitsubishi F-20ER-US F-20E PLC BriAUM-1391A/SD4533Cn/a
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-DC Mitsubishi_Electric_Inc_DC.JPG
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-DCn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CR-75 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CR-75.JPG
Mitsubishi TR23D Servo Drive CardMDS-A-CR-75n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A240E-7.5K-EC A200 7MDS-A-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 32 MT - ESS 32 I-O TrMDS-A-SP-260n/a
Mitsubishi-YA386P-30S1 Mitsubishi_YA386P-30S1.JPG
Mitsubishi A1SX81 Input UnitYA386P-30S1n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-V1-45 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-V1-45.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 32 ER - ES 32 I-O RelMDS-B-V1-45n/a
Mitsubishi-MR-SC 33T Mitsubishi_MR-SC33T.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 16 YET-ESS 16 O-T TraMR-SC 33Tn/a
MitsubishiMelservo-SAMR-SA-33T Mitsubishi_MR-SA-33T_Melservo-SA.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-Z240-30K-ER Freqrol MR-SA-33Tn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-220 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-220.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 48 MR - UA2 48 I-O ReMDS-B-CV-220n/a
Mitsubishi F1 PC Bat Lithium BatterMDS-B-CV-300-
Mitsubishi-BV611A084G53 Mitsubishi_BV611A084G53.JPG
Mitsubishi MSS-1100 3Phase Soft StaBV611A084G53n/a
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-5.7K Vector DriBY171E475G51-
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi FXo-20MR-DS Brick PLC 1MDS-A-V2-3510n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-300 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-300.JPG
Mitsubishi F-20GC Control Rom CassMDS-A-CV-300n/a
Mitsubishi-BY171E475G51 Mitsubishi_BY171E475G51.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540-22K-EC A500 22KBY171E475G51n/a
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-MD166255 Mitsubishi_Electric_Inc_MD166255.JPG
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-MD166255n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CR-55 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CR-55.JPG
Mitsubishi 14 I-O Relay 24 Volt DC MDS-A-CR-55n/a
Mitsubishi-MR-SC 33T Mitsubishi_MR-SC33T.JPG
Mitsubishi A1S68AD A-D Converter UMR-SC 33Tn/a
MitsubishiMDS-A-V2-3510MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi HS-7496EM(B) Time LapseMDS-A-V2-3510n/a
MitsubishiAX04DTRS50B Mitsubishi_TRS50B_AX04D.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 24 MR - DS 24 I-O RelTRS50Bn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-SX-2-22K Freqrol 22KMDS-A-CV-260n/a
MitsubishiBN624A471G54SE-CPU2 Mitsubishi_SE-CPU2_BN624A471G54.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-375K-EC 3Phase SE-CPU2n/a
Mitsubishi-501W000 Mitsubishi_501W000.JPG
Mitsubishi A1SY10 Output Unit501W000n/a
Mitsubishi MSS-580 3Phase Soft StarMDS-B-CV-220-
Mitsubishi-SE 174 CS-
Mitsubishi 20 I-O Transistor 24 VolSE 174 CS-
Mitsubishi-MR-SA33T Mitsubishi_MR-SA33T.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 48 ER - ES 48 I-O RelMR-SA33Tn/a
Mitsubishi-Malservo SC 33T Mitsubishi_MalservoSC33T.JPG
Mitsubishi MSS-23 3Phase Soft StartMalservo SC 33Tn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-150 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-150.JPG
Mitsubishi FCA64M Numerical ControMDS-B-CV-150n/a
Mitsubishi A1SX42 32 Channel InputMDSASPA260-
Mitsubishi-PLK-50-PMD Mitsubishi_PLK-50-PMD.JPG
Mitsubishi SC-09 PLC Programming LPLK-50-PMDn/a
Mitsubishi-FR-SE-2-7.5K Mitsubishi_FR-SE-2-7.5K.JPG
Mitsubishi FX1N-40MR-ES-UL MitubishFR-SE-2-7.5Kn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS--A-SP-150 Mitsubishi_MDS--A-SP-150.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A140-5.5K-ER FreqrolMDS--A-SP-150n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-150 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-150.JPG
Mitsubishi A1SX41 32 Channel InputMDS-B-CV-150n/a
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-DWC-90HA Mitsubishi_Electric_Inc_DWC-90HA.JPG
Mitsubishi Electric Inc-DWC-90HAn/a
Mitsubishi-PD 21B X Mitsubishi_PD21BX.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-11K Vector DrivPD 21B Xn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-DH-CV-450 Mitsubishi_MDS-DH-CV-450.JPG
Mitsubishi FX-8EYR-S Programmable CMDS-DH-CV-450n/a
Mitsubishi FR-SX-2-1.1K Spindle DrMDS-CH-CV-260-
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-SP-110 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-SP-110.JPG
Mitsubishi F1 PC Bat Lithium BatterMDS-B-SP-110 n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-C1-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-C1-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540-22K-EC A500 22KMDS-C1-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MR-S12-80B-E01 Mitsubishi_MR-S12-80B-E01.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-E520S-0.4K- EC 1PhaseMR-S12-80B-E01n/a
Mitsubishi MSS-145 3Phase Soft StarMR-P20-
Mitsubishi FR-A024-S0.4K-EC FreqroMDS-A-SP-150-
Mitsubishi MR-J2S-10A Melservo 100SX-101-
Mitsubishi FR-A540-15K-EC A500 15KMR-s200E-31A-
Mitsubishi K3NCPUH Melsec SequenceRF01D-
Mitsubishi FR-U120S-N0.75K-EC FreqrMDS-B-SP-150-
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-185 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-185.JPG
Mitsubishi MR-J2-60A MR-J Series SMDS-B-CV-185n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-SX-2-22K Freqrol 22KMDS-A-SP-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MC116 Mitsubishi_MC116.JPG
Mitsubishi HA40N0S-5Y062 AC Servo MC116n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-E520S-0.75K-EC 1PhaseMDS-A-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-SP-150 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-SP-150.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 8 ER - ES 8 Inputs 24MDS-B-SP-150n/a
Mitsubishi-AFHC-01-DWC Mitsubishi_AFHC-01-DWC.JPG
Mitsubishi F2-60MR-UA2 ProgrammableAFHC-01-DWCn/a
Mitsubishi-AFHC-01-DWC Mitsubishi_AFHC-01-DWC.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-45K Vector DrivAFHC-01-DWCn/a
Mitsubishi-mds-a-cv-260 Mitsubishi_mds-a-cv-260.JPG
Mitsubishi MR-J2-200A 2Kw AC Servo mds-a-cv-260 n/a
Mitsubishi Electric-MDS-B-CV-150 Mitsubishi_Electric_MDS-B-CV-150.JPG
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi 03130D E910 TMDS-B-CV-150n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CR-55 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CR-55.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-S520S-0.75K-EC S500 SMDS-A-CR-55n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi MR-SA502L Servo DriveMDS-B-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-C-3240 LP Mitsubishi_C-3240LP.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 8 EX - UA1 8 Inputs 1C-3240 LPn/a
Mitsubishi-42X-20 Mitsubishi_42X-20.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540-18.5K-EC A500 142X-20n/a
Mitsubishi-AT14A9#?B22-A Mitsubishi_AT14A9B22-A.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540-18K-EC A500 18KAT14A9#?B22-An/a
Mitsubishi Electronic Corp.-3147 Mitsubishi_Electronic_Corp._3147.JPG
Mitsubishi Electronic Corp.-3147n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi E900T E900 Operator IntMDS-A-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-150 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-150.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 8 EX - UA1 8 Inputs 1MDS-A-SP-150n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-S520S-0.4K-ECR 0.4KwMDS-A-V2-3510n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-150 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-150.JPG
Mitsubishi MSS-255 3Phase Soft StarMDS-A-SP-150n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-65K-EC 3Phase CMDS-A-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 48 MR - UA2 48 I-O ReMDS-A-V2-3510n/a
Mitsubishi A1SJHCPU Mitsuibishi PLCMDS-A-CV-110-
Mitsubishi FX 32 ER - ES 32 I-O RelMDS-A-SP-55-
Mitsubishi-MR-SO 403N-
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-132K-EC 3Phase MR-SO 403N-
Mitsubishi-MDS-B-V1-45 Mitsubishi_MDS-B-V1-45.JPG
Mitsubishi SD4321CH-FM 14 Colour MMDS-B-V1-45n/a
Mitsubishi Okk HM-40-MDS-A-SP-300-
Mitsubishi Okk HM-40-MDS-A-SP-300-
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-220K-EC 3Phase MR-S12-80A-E01-
Mitsubishi FX-20P Melsec ProgrammiMDS-A-SP-150-
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-SP-55 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-SP-55.JPG
Mitsubishi F1-60MR-ES Mitsubushi 60MDS-A-SP-55n/a
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - ES 64 I-O RelMDS-B-SP-150-
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-CV-260 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-CV-260.JPG
Mitsubishi FXO-30MR-DS FXO PLC BriMDS-A-CV-260n/a
Mitsubishi FX1N-60MT-DSS FX1N PLC MDSASPA220-
Mitsubishi A1SJCPU PLC CPUMDS-B-CVS-110-
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - UA3 64 I-O ReMR-S3-80BB-E01-
Mitsubishi -MDS-B-SP-110-
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-18.5K Vector DriMDS-B-SP-110-
Mitsubishi FX 16 EX - ES 16 Input 2MDS-B-SPH-300-
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - DS 64 I-O RelMDS-B-SP-110-
Mitsubishi FR-Z240-37-ER Freqrol ZPLX-50-PMD-
Mitsubishi FR-Z240-4.OK-ER FreqrolPLX-50-PMD-
Mitsubishi FX2N-48ER-UA1 Extension PLX-50-PMD-
Mitsubishi FR-E520S-1.5K-EC 1.5Kw PLX-50-PMD-
Mitsubishi FR-V240E-45K Vector DrivMR-S12-40A-Z33-
Mitsubishi Electric-MDS-A_CV-260-
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi 03130D E910 TMDS-A_CV-260-
Mitsubishi FR-Z024-0.2K FR-Z SerieMR-S12-40A-Z33-
Mitsubishi-MR-S2-80B-E01 Mitsubishi_MR-S2-80B-E01.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-U120S-0 Freqrol-U100 MR-S2-80B-E01n/a
Mitsubishi PUHY-200YMF InverterHC-SFS52-
MITSUBISHI 30 I-O Transistor 24 VolMDS-B-CV-300-
MITSUBISHI MSS-16 3Phase Soft StartMDS-B-SPH-300-
Mitsubishi MR-J2S-10A Melservo 100MDS-B-SPH-300-
Mitsubishi-MR-SA22 Mitsubishi_MR-SA22.JPG
Mitsubishi F2-60MR-ES Brick Type PLMR-SA22n/a
Mitsubishi-MR-SA22 Mitsubishi_MR-SA22.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-A024-S0.4K-EC FreqroMR-SA22n/a
Mitsubishi FR-A540L-375K-EC 3Phase MR-SA-33t-
Mitsubishi CA1522S4 Resistor PCBMDS-A-SP-260-
Mitsubishi-DL-SCZ Mitsubishi_DL-SCZ.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - DS 64 I-O RelDL-SCZn/a
Mitsubishi-FR-A240E-7.5K-EC Mitsubishi_FR-A240E-7.5K-EC.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 4DA D-A Converter ModFR-A240E-7.5K-ECn/a
Mitsubishi-FR-A220E-15K-UL Mitsubishi_FR-A220E-15K-UL.JPG
Mitsubishi FRE5402.2KEC 2.2Kw InveFR-A220E-15K-ULn/a
Mitsubishi DA1082 Remote I-O Unit110HA-
Mitsubishi-AUM-1391A Mitsubishi_AUM-1391A.JPG
Mitsubishi 20 I-O Relay 24 Volt DC AUM-1391An/a
Mitsubishi-AUM-1391A Mitsubishi_AUM-1391A.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-E540-5.5K-EC 3Phase HAUM-1391An/a
Mitsubishi-FR-A240E1 Mitsubishi_FR-A240E1.JPG
Mitsubishi EUM-1481A Mitsibushi ColFR-A240E1n/a
Mitsubishi-FCA635LNYC Mitsubishi_FCA635LNYC.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 48 MR - DS 48 I-O RelFCA635LNYCn/a
Mitsubishi FXos-14MR-ES-UL Melsec FMR-J2S-60A-
Mitsubishi FX 32 MR - ES 32 I-O RelMC116-
Mitsubishi-FX-32ER-ES Mitsubishi_FX-32ER-ES.JPG
Mitsubishi FR-Z240-3.7K Freqrol Z2FX-32ER-ESn/a
Mitsubishi-FX-32ER-ES Mitsubishi_FX-32ER-ES.JPG
Mitsubishi A62P A2 - Power SupplyFX-32ER-ESn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS A V2 3510 Mitsubishi_MDSAV23510.JPG
Mitsubishi MSS-475 3Phase Soft StarMDS A V2 3510n/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-A-V2-3510 Mitsubishi_MDS-A-V2-3510.JPG
Mitsubishi FX 64 MR - DS 64 I-O RelMDS-A-V2-3510n/a
Mitsubishi TRA60C TRA60C Servo DriFR-K3-5.5K-C22-
Mitsubishi-FCA635LNYC Mitsubishi_FCA635LNYC.JPG
Mitsubishi F1 PC Bat Lithium BatterFCA635LNYCn/a
Mitsubishi-MDS-C1-SP-220 Mitsubishi_MDS-C1-SP-220.JPG
Mitsubishi AX41 32 Point Input CardMDS-C1-SP-220n/a
Mitsubishi FR-E540-1.5K-EC E500 1.MDS-C1-SP-220-
MITSUBISHI FR-Z240-4.OK-ER FreqrolMR-SI-200-
Mitsubishi Electric-AA121SL01 Mitsubishi_Electric_AA121SL01.JPG
Mitsubishi ElectricMitsubishi 03130D E910 TAA121SL01n/a
To have your Industrial unit repaired/tested call 1-(336)-969-0110

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To send in your Mitsubishi unit for repair use the shipping address below.
If possible be sure to use the following Repair Service Order Form when sending in a unit for repair.
We offer special discounts to the military. We give free estimates and offer a full year warranty.

Industrial Electronic Repair <- new location
8065 North Point Blvd Suite A
Winston-Salem NC 27106

Industrial Electronic Recycling <- old location
268 Northstar Dr. Suite 138
Rural Hall, NC 27045

Phone: (336) 896-1900
Cell: (336) 969-0110

    If you have any technical questions or wish to offer technical information about any Mitsubishi units then fill out the form below.

    No Soliciting...

    Your name:
    Phone Number:
    not required
    Valid Email Address Required:
    Your Location:

    You can contact us at 1-(336)-969-0110
    We are open Monday to Saturday from 9am till 6pm EST
    and yes the technicians & engineers work on Saturday!

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